The red hotel is green

Our red hotel is green

We are proud to have been awarded the international Green Key eco-label at our hotel.
We work actively with environmental and sustainability issues through Green Key’s extensive criteria.

Our commitments

Some of our commitments:
• We use 100% renewable electricity, energy-saving lighting and have routines for reduced energy consumption.
• We have taken initiatives to reduce water consumption.
• We sort and recycle our own and our guests’ waste.
• We use eco-labeled laundry and cleaning products.
• Our guests are offered organic
products at breakfast.
• We work to reduce food waste.


About Green Key

Green Key is an international eco-label for visitor and tourist facilities and is available in over 65 countries. The label is run internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which is supported by UNEP, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization, among others. Today, there are over 170 Green Key-labelled establishments in Sweden and all facilities undergo regular audits to ensure that the criteria are met.

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